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The Lone Star College System SBDC’s staff of highly trained consultants offers FREE confidential business management consulting services.Our consultants are experienced business owners with over 50 years of business ownership experience who can assist existing business owners with their business or with starting a new business. They can also help you create a business and marketing plan, review your financials, resolve problems, and make solid business decisions, etc.

FORM 1CLICK HERE for the SBDC Client Agreement.

FORM 2) CLICK HERE if you have recently started or are planning to start a new business, complete Forms 1, 2 and 4. 

FORM 3)  CLICK HERE if you are already in business, please complete Forms 1, 3 and 4.

FORM 4)  SWOT Analysis, please list these items in the body of your email:  
                    *List 5 Strengths
                    *List 5 Weaknesses
                    *List 5 Opportunities
                    *List 5 Threats
For assistance in preparing your SWOT Analysis, you can visit www.mindtools.com and search"SWOT Analysis" to access resources that might be helpful to you.  However, we assume no responsibility for the content of their website and do not have any form of association, approval, or endorsement relationship with Mind Tools.

Email the appropriate completed forms listed above (along with your SWOT Analysis as requested to SBDC@LONESTAR.EDU and one of our Senior Business Consultants will contact you in 2-3 Business Days.